The 'trowel trades' are among the oldest and most respected trades on the North American continent. These trades can be adapted to meet a number of construction needs. Specialized craftsmen in the arts of installation and finishing put their talents to use in creating stunning artisan-like results. Take pride in what you do... become an EIFS craftsman!

Top 9 Reasons to Become an EIFS Craftsman:

  1. Job opportunities! There are more job openings than people to fill them.
  2. Career growth potential.
  3. Competitive salaries.
  4. Pride in having your fingerprint on eye popping structures.
  5. Opportunities to work around the United States and beyond.
  6. You think you look good in a hard hat.
  7. Training opportunities available.
  8. Becoming skilled in the trade will open doors you never dreamed of.
  9. You love working with your hands.

To learn more about the building trades, where to get training, and where to find employment in this thriving industry, please see the below list of resources. Additionally, a list of EIFS Applicators that may be looking for employees can be found here:


Nationwide Resources:

Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Association 
Organized in 1864, the OPCMIA has represented and trained plasterers and cement masons for the purpose of protecting and promoting the quality of our industry and the livelihood of our members. Plaster and concrete are ageless building materials that will not fall out of favor as long as there is a sufficient amount of workers who are skilled in the arts of installation and finishing. These materials are as unforgiving as they are durable and beautiful. Skilled hands and competent management must work together to achieve the desired result and to promote and protect this vital construction resource. We dedicate ourselves to the promotion of these materials, the recruitment and training of skilled craftsmen to meet the demand of our industry, and hold ourselves responsible to this commitment for the future of our industry and the welfare of all those who earn their living in it.

Helmets to Hardhats 
A national, nonprofit program that connects National Guard, Reserve, retired and transitioning active-duty military service members with skilled training and quality career opportunities in the construction industry.

Accrediting Commission of Careers Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) 
Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, ACCSC serves as the designated institutional accrediting agency for 700 trade and technical schools that provide quality vocational education to over 150,000 students each year.

Association for Career and Technical Education 
ACTE provides a strong collective voice for professionals representing all facets of career and technical education. We support CTE programming, initiatives and innovations by providing a rich array of professional development resources, events and networking opportunities.

National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) 
NCCER is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) education foundation created in 1996 as The National Center for Construction Education and Research. It was developed with the support of more than 125 construction CEOs and various association and academic leaders who united to revolutionize training for the construction industry. Sharing the common goal of developing a safe and productive workforce, these companies created a standardized training and credentialing program for the industry. This progressive program has evolved into curricula for more than 70 craft areas and a complete series of more than 70 assessments offered in over 4,000 NCCER-accredited training and assessment locations across the United States.

General Building Contractors Association 
As one of America’s oldest trade associations, GBCA advances commercial construction in the Philadelphia region by serving as a powerful voice, an industry watchdog and a critical resource. Established in 1891, GBCA is the Philadelphia chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). We provide more than 250 member companies with access to proven advocacy, networking opportunities, safety services, and education and training programs.


Statewide Resources:

Build Your Path - A resource for Maryland Built Environment Careers 
No two people are alike. You can make the path that you pick work for you and your individual situation. The important thing is that there is no right or wrong answer. Whether it takes you 2 years or 10 years to get through your path, there is a place for you if you have the drive and passion to finish. You could start off as a laborer and eventually become a construction manager. You could go to college and become an engineer and decide that you are happier being a carpenter. Or you could start off as an apprentice, become a master trades professional and own your own business. It won’t be easy and it will require a lot of hard work, but your path is yours. The destination is up to you and you’ll have help along the way.


Articles of Interest:

"High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University" NPR - April 25, 2018
While a shortage of workers is pushing wages higher in the skilled trades, the financial return from a bachelor's degree is softening, even as the price — and the average debt into which it plunges students — keeps going up. Some 30 million jobs in the United States that pay an average of $55,000 per year don't require bachelor's degrees.

"$75,000 a year with benefits; no college needed. Yet local employers can't fill jobs" Miami Herald - September 4, 2018
Miami is a city with an ever changing skyline. And those who make it happen — the plumbers, electricians, brick masons and carpenters — earn far above the local median: $55,000-75,000 a year with full benefits and a pension.
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