“As we celebrate our 30th anniversary we want to particularly thank those who initially took a chance on us and put us in business, and all those who keep us in business. We went from a two-man garage to being the technology leader in firestopping, driven by our purpose of providing safer and easier solutions, and supported by a philosophy that allowed us to create a “Company with a Soul."

With your input and help, we identified problems that were begging for a solution, created new market segments, produced frameworks and products that help users better serve the needs of these different segments, developed web-based state of the art tools to make it easier to pick and choose the right solutions, and provided the friendliest and most intense customer support experience in the firestopping industry.

We always cared more. You could tell and supported us.  We continue to do so and look forward to providing you with the best experience in the firestopping industry for a long time.

The STI Team”

Written by STI Co-Founder and President, Charbel Tagher.