The Stucco Manufacturers Association has announced two webinars on stucco applications. Geared towards contractors, as well as architects and others in the design-build community. The series will be instructed by the association’s Executive Director (and Walls & Ceilings’ Editorial Director) Mark Fowler.


This presentation is a live webinar on hard coat stucco done in conjunction with Building Enclosure. Systems, options, moisture management, fire and energy codes will be discussed and how they related to one-, two- and three-coat stucco. Fowler, the author of two books on stucco, will also illustrate basic detailing for stucco and identify different finished and texture options. This CEU Webinar is sponsored by Plastic Components, QUIKRETE Cos., SPEC MIX, Structa Wire and Keene Building Products. Click here to register.

Learning objectives include: 

  • Identify features and characteristics of hard coat stucco systems. Including options, moisture management, crack suppression, mold prevention, fire resistance, and recommendations for fire prone areas. Energy Code and Life Cycle cost Analysis
  • Illustrate basic detailing for stucco including: weep screed, head of wall, saddle flashing, kickouts, etc.
  • Identify different finishes, cement versus acrylic, including pros and cons of each. Textures options, including improving smooth trowel finish. Decorative foam shapes with options
  • Be able to explain the differences between proprietary and generic assemblies. And system selection related to codes and standards


This presentation will cover stucco from a contractor’s perspective. The course will cover what contractors need to know, such as upcoming code changes and better plans to protect oneself. Again, Fowler will be presenting and there will be a live Q&A session. This will be available through Walls & Ceilings and is sponsored by Plastic Components, QUIKRETE Cos. And SPEC MIX. Registration to come.

Learning objectives include:

  • Clarify moisture management for stucco, bulk & vapor movement 
  • Regional practices (acceptable and unacceptable) with regard to installation of stucco
  • The code, standards and technical papers and industry practices relate to litigation/liability.
  • Troubleshooting: What to avoid and how to handle it
  • Pumping cement and other improvements in production