Walls & Ceilings magazine has selected its Contractor of 2020, Jimco Acoustics. 

The winner was chosen by a panel consisting of W&C’s publisher, editorial staff and editorial advisory board. The goal of the award is to honor a contractor that employs the best industry practices, provides a good working atmosphere for employees and excels at both quality workmanship and customer service.

“Jimco Acoustics is an excellent Georgia company—the company operates on its own terms and excels on all levels, while maintaining its aggressive position as a prominent contractor outfit this year and for those to come,” says W&C Associate Editor Hannah Belloli. “We’re excited to name the company Contractor of 2020—the first of this decade.” 

The magazine congratulates Jimco Acoustics for this award. We believe the company is as progressive and quality-minded as any.

Its Chairman President/Owner Jimmy Schlief caught up with W&C.

Jimco Acoustics Inc. does it all: It services and installs commercial and industrial drywall, metal framing, finishing, carpentry and of course ceilings. The Oxford, Ga.-based company, founded in 1984, began in the Carpenter’s Local. After gaining experience, Schlief started to take on side work and eventually became Jimco Acoustics. Today, the company is second generation with Schlief’s son Luke.

As members of its local Chamber of Commerce, the subcontractor’s typical scope is being willing and able to take on most aspects of a construction project due to its general contractor status in multiple states. Says Schlief, “We often take on areas of the scope that may have been overlooked in the early planning stages or added [on] as the project has progressed.”

Although not a traditionally large company, Jimco has the ability to scale up for various projects through the use of subcontractors and labor unions.

“Jimco has gone from a company that installed ceilings in basements on the weekends to performing a large portion of Division 9 and 10 scopes on industrial and commercial projects,” says Schlief.

Sustained Growth

Jimco has had some record years over the last four years with steady and sustainable growth. The founder says the climate in Georgia has been steady and competitive. It seems that many non-American-based companies are beginning to see the advantages of having facilities based in the country. 

“People are always an interesting aspect of construction,” says Schlief. “There are many personalities that are all unique that we experience on a daily basis. 

In regards to the hardest aspects of the job, Schlief says this: “Construction is a stressful industry in its very nature. Even projects that are properly managed still have their moments of adversity and uncertainty. Nevertheless, prevailing through the circumstances is partially what makes working in construction so rewarding.”

He says the company’s estimators are currently working to fill the schedule with work through the end of the year and into the beginning of 2021. Jimco has some very promising leads and contracts at the moment which should sustain that momentum well into the future. But every company needs goals, so what are Jimco’s? 

“My long-term goals are to set my kids up for future success with Jimco, so I can retire and consult them only when needed,” says Schlief, who adds that USG, Armstrong World Industries, G-P Gypsum, Marino\Ware and ClarkDietrich Building Systems are the main manufacturers the contractor uses. 

What the Future Holds

What sets you apart from your competition? 

Our service, safety, and focus on project success as team, not as an individual.


Who are your main distributors? 

We work mostly with Capital Materials and Tucker Acoustical in Atlanta, and due to their great service record; we use other Gypsum Management Supply affiliates when we travel.


Why do you feel you are among the best contractors in North America? 

Our commitment to our employees and families first has cultivated a work environment that attracts the best foremen and managers in our industry. Because of the hard work put in by our team, we are able to focus on project success.


When hard times hit next, what will you do different from the last recession?

During the last recession, we made sure that all of our employees were able to find work and continue to provide for their families. This often meant not turning a profit or losing money as a company. We would do this same thing if hard times hit again because a great family life and happiness are the ultimate goals.


What is your greatest achievement as a company? 

Jimco’s greatest achievement is our ability to cultivate loyalty and commitment among our employees. Without this achievement, no other achievements would be possible.