Following the rapid growth of its specialty ceiling and wall business in recent years, CertainTeed has announced the launch of a newly realigned ceilings resource focused on the commercial architecture and design industry. The move unites the full ceiling and wall product portfolios of CertainTeed, Hunter Douglas Ceiling & Wall Products, Norton Industries, and Decoustics under the umbrella of CertainTeed Architectural. The decision to bring the product lines together reflects a focus on unity and an emphasis on offering designers and architects complete solutions and a streamlined process, as well as world-class customer support.

This realignment establishes CertainTeed Architectural as a single resource for ceiling and wall products in a full range of materials, from mineral fiber, gypsum, and fiberglass to felt, metal, wood, and integrated LightFrame solutions.

“It’s about expanding beyond the limitations of going to market as singular product categories,” said Simone Abele, Director of Product Management, Specialties Ceilings. “We wanted to bring all of our specialties companies under the same umbrella with the most comprehensive material portfolio to provide a simplified solution to our customers, supporting them all the way from design development to installation.”

An expansive product portfolio is at the core of what CertainTeed Architectural brings to the commercial market, providing a total solution for projects of any size and budget. From standard products in familiar forms to one-of-a-kind solutions, the CertainTeed Architectural portfolio includes a versatile array of panels, linear solutions, beams, baffles, clouds, and grilles, plus a complete line of suspension systems for installation ease.

“We are ready to help architects, designers, contractors, and installers take on any task,” said Patrick Dwyer, Vice President of Interior Solutions, Architectural and Insulation. “We have the capabilities to support their imagination, no matter how bold their vision. Together, we’ll bring the extraordinary to life.”

Behind the Name

The shift to CertainTeed Architectural leverages a well-respected brand with a strong history in building materials, and begins a new chapter in their story by putting a deliberate focus on the commercial and architectural segments.

Becoming CertainTeed Architectural is more than just a name change. From marketing to sales to design consultation and technical support, the team is now taking advantage of the strength that comes from being a cohesive whole, rather than a collection of successful parts.

The customer service aspect is integral to delivering the experience of CertainTeed Architectural.

“The move to CertainTeed Architectural brings a more relevant and complete solution to our architectural audience,” said Abele. “We strive to be the company that is as supportive, accessible, and solutions-driven as possible to make the architects’, designers’, contractors’, and installers’ jobs easier,”

That solutions-oriented mindset already has CertainTeed Architectural looking toward the future.

“Our eyes are always on innovation. Material, technology and construction innovations. New capabilities and uses for the materials we have. Creative ways to connect and use different materials together,” said Dwyer. “With all our incredible talent now working together as a unified team, we have the opportunity to take innovation to an entirely different level—all with a focus on making it easier than ever to partner with us.”