The world watched in horror as rescue crews spent the better part of the past week searching for possible survivors in the rubble of a collapsed condominium building in Surfside Fla. While the investigations is just getting underway and there’s still much to learn about what happened, there are some key takeaways for contractors working on similar buildings right now, said Trent Cotney, CEO of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants

“Especially when you’re working on high-rise (buildings), there is some increased liability,” Cotney said in his latest Legal Insights video with W&C. “You need to come up with a (standard operating procedure) with the property owner related to structural problems and any degrading. That way you can adjust your safety plan and carve out a release in your contract that can protect you.” 

Cotney also issued a stern warning for contractors doing waterproofing projects on pool decks and balconies because of long-term liability, and covered recent developments in H2B visas and the supply chain crisis.

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