Cordless Auto-feed Screw Gun


The company’s DuraSpin auto-feed screw systems have been re-engineered with features specifically designed to improve user productivity and consistency while eliminating jams and misfires. The products—DS222-18v, DS225-18v and DS322-18v—are designed with specific applications in mind. The latest generation share the following:

  • Enhanced Feed System
  • Smaller and Lighter
  • Latest Li-Ion Battery Technology

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Brushless Cordless Drywall Gun


The SD 5000-A22 has been optimized with a brushless motor allowing for increased setting speeds while maintaining market leading torque. It’s fully compatible with all the company’s 22-volt battery platform. Additionally, it’s more than a half pound lighter and has an added an LED light. Combine the drywall screwdriver with the collated screw magazine, the tool is a premium lightweight system for hanging drywall fast. Its applications/advantages include:

  • Brushless motor: virtually maintenance-free to minimize tool downtime;
  • Upgraded ergonomics: 0.7 pounds lighter than the first-generation, with a well-balanced design that sits firmly in the user’s grip;
  • Bright LED provides direct illumination of the work surface;
  • Built for precise control: redesigned switch and electronic brake help you balance faster progress with consistent results.

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High Speed Screw Gun

Milwaukee Tools

The M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun is capable of driving screws faster and providing three times longer run-time than other models. With Auto Start engaged and the trigger locked on, the motor only starts when the screw contacts the drywall.  This results in no unnecessary motor noise between screws and up to three times longer run-time. Ultimately, this gives the user the ability to use the tool the same way users use their corded guns, but with the portability benefits of cordless. By combining the brushless motor, battery pack and REDLINK PLUS intelligence, the tool drives screws faster than corded at 4,500 RPMs. When equipped with an M18 XC5.0 Battery Pack, the gun can consistently fasten up to (64) 4x8 and 5/8-inch sheets of work on a full charge. For more information, visit


Collated Screw System

Metabo HPT

The W6V4SD2 SuperDrive Collated Screw System delivers the combination of speed and power to tackle any drywall to wood or drywall to metal installations. It produces a maximum speed of 4,500 RPM and a torque rating of 81.5 in-pounds, making drywall installs much faster, easier and efficient. The gear case and inner cover are constructed out of aluminum to add durability and increase tool life. A plastic cover keeps the gear case from being scratched or damaged during extreme use. The 24.6 foot power cord is unusually long to allow movement without the hassle of relocating to different power outlets. This tool is compatible with the LOX Bit System which provides 8 points of contact between the bit and the screw. The system requires less downward force from the user to maintain torque and contact, minimizing fatigue and reducing bit slippage. For more information, visit


Collated Drywall Screwgun Attachment


The Drywall Screw Gun Kit with Collated Drywall Screw Gun Attachment is fast, powerful, and ergonomic. It includes an attachment to enable screw gun usage with flexible collated drywall screws. Features and benefits include:

  • Slim nose and removable shoe allows for easy access into tight corners
  • Screw gun lock-on feature enables fast installation of collated drywall screws
  • Full 360° rotation on screw gun allows users to choose best positioning for application
  • Tool-free screw length adjustment with detent marks allow for easy and clear setup for varying screw lengths
  • Tool-free fine-depth adjustment allows for consistent screw installation at varying depths
  • Tool-free spring removal allows for easy cleaning of attachment
  • Release button allows for tool-free attachment and removal from screw gun
  • Collated strip guide prevents collation from interfering with user's hand

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Brushless Drywall Screw Gun


The ONE+ 18-Volt Brushless Drywall Screw Gun provides corded performance with cordless convenience. It features variable speeds with a lock-on feature and delivers up to 4,700 RPMs. This tool has an adjustable and removable nose cone for increased accuracy. Its heavy-duty clutch engages when a bit is pressed to the fastener. The QUIETDRIVE feature automatically starts the motor on contact with drywall providing less noise and battery conservation. It includes an LED light to illuminate your work area and that stays on after the triggered is released. For more information, visit


Square Drive Impact Driver

Makita USA

The company introduces two new mid-torque 18V LXT Brushless 4-speed 1/2-inch Square Drive Impact Wrenches. Both impact wrenches provide improved fastening control ideal for automotive and construction trades. With a compact size and less weight, these impact wrenches are the right size to handle most applications, including overhead tasks. Three  forward  and  three  reverse  Auto-Stop  modes  provide  increased  efficiency  to  reduce  the  possibility of damaged materials and lost fasteners. For more information, visit