Three Beam Laser

Johnson Level & Tool

The company’s ultra-bright green beam laser projects three self-leveling 360°planes of laser light for total jobsite coverage up to 200 feet. This laser offers three green beams -one horizontal and two vertical for one person alignment, leveling and layout using one tool. Robust construction withstands tough jobsite conditions and provides resistance to dust and water. It features:

  • Projects three self-leveling 360°planes of laser light for total jobsite coverage
  • Visual & audible alarms when beyond leveling range
  • Manual mode allows unit to tilt at extreme angles
  • Multi-functional magnetic base provides strong hold that will not slide
  • Pulse mode for use with separate detector in bright light or outdoor conditions where beams are not visible
  • Includes li-ion rechargeable battery pack for long life
  • IP54 dust and water-resistant construction

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Spectra Precision

Interior Laser

Spectra Precision

The LT58G Laser Tool provides 360° planes of bright green laser light that is ideally suited for all interior applications including ceiling work. Other applications include interior wall layout, point transfer, mechanical, electrical and plumbing layout and alignment, tile layout and finish carpentry. The tool is ideal for working in bright interior environments due to the superior visibility of the ultra-green beams. The automatic self-leveling multi-purpose unit is compact, lightweight and easy to use with its included ceiling mount. The optimized adjustable mount attaches to all types of ceiling track, including shadow track. It contains a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 25 continuous hours of green beam operation. It also can be operated directly with AC power. For more information, visit

M12 Green Cross Line

Four-point Laser

Milwaukee Tool

The M12 Green Cross Line & 4-Points Laser provides all-day runtime and the best visibility in its class. When using the RedLithium 3.0 CP battery, users get 9-plus hours of continuous runtime for ultimate productivity. The high-intensity green laser offers our superior visibility up to 125-feet for long-range applications. The vertical and horizontal lines make alignment and level applications easy, while the additional four-points allow for quick transfers from floor to ceiling and squaring applications. The integrated magnetic bracket features micro-control and pivots on the plumb point for easy and fast alignment. The amplified rare earth magnets provide a stronghold and will not slide on steel studs, while an integrated hang hole makes setup easy and efficient in any environment. For more information, visit

Self-leveling Three-plane Lasers

Self-leveling Three-plane Lasers


The company has two self-leveling 360°, three-plane lasers powered by rechargeable 12-volt max CXT batteries: the Self Leveling 360° 3 Plane Red Laser (SK700D) and Green Laser (SK700DG). The lasers deliver a range of performance features. Both deliver a sharp laser line with +/-1/16” at 33 feet for best-in-class accuracy. With true 360° capabilities, the lasers offer increased efficiency without the need to reposition the tool to complete a measurement task. The Red Beam Laser has a line visibility range of up to 82 feet, and the Green Beam provides increased visibility up to 115 feet, with both tools offering sharp, bright lines for increased visibility. The company also offers two-self standing tripods, a wall/ceiling mount, and a magnetic L-Adapter, which allows for various components to be attached to the body of the laser. For more information, visit

20V MAX 3x360 Green Line Laser

Extended Runtime Laser


The 20V MAX 3x360 Green Line Laser (DCLE34031) provides users the benefit of 11 hours of runtime, enabling long, uninterrupted time on the job. The laser is ideal for framing, drywall, MEP, building and remodeling applications and is compatible with MAX 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, and 5.0Ah batteries. Incorporating green beam diode technology, this tool delivers optimal visibility in bright environments and on extensive jobsites. The laser provides accuracy of up to 1/8 inch at 30 feet with a 130 feet visible distance, and on average, a 330 feet max range when used with the DW0982G green line laser detector (sold separately). The individual laser line “on/off” buttons put the user in control of which lines to activate with the benefit of extending run time when only select lines are in use. For convenience, the laser also utilizes last mode memory that illuminates the beams last used to quickly begin work again. A pendulum lock is designed to help safeguard internal components while transporting the laser between tasks and jobsites. For more information, visit

Blaze Green Beam Laser Distance Measure

Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth


The Blaze Green Beam Laser Distance Measure (GLM165-27CG) features a measuring range of up to 165 feet and accuracy up to ±1/16 inch. Built with the experienced worker and tough applications in mind, the tool’s full rubber over-mold housing, designed like a roll cage, helps to protect the measurer at every major impact point. The tool can be connected via Bluetooth to the company’s MeasureOn app, allowing for easy on-site documentation of floor plans, measurements, photos, and notes. Also, the tool can be powered by a AA battery or the GLM-BAT lithium-ion battery-pack, helping to extend tool runtime to accomplish a variety of tasks. For more information, visit

Multi Surface Laser Level

Multi Surface Laser Level


The company’s Multi Surface Laser Level is a new product for your remodeling/residential leveling projects. It is equipped with three mounting options for hands-free leveling—suction cups, pins, and magnets. The tool features a 90-degree protractor for accurately leveling anything with an angle. Measuring out to 20 feet, this laser level guarantees the accuracy and convenience you need to get the job done. For more information, visit

PM 30-MG Multiline laser

Multi-line Laser


The company’s PM 30-MG Multiline laser sets the bar for drywall, mechanical layout, suspended ceiling layout applications and more. The tool offers full 360° green horizontal and vertical lines to help deliver more speed and accuracy for any indoor layout job. The sturdy and easy to adjust magnetic bracket delivers greater precision for multi-directional alignments, and the B12 battery helps to ensure long run times and short charge times. With applications across most trades, the tool allows you to lay out track; transfer reference heights; complete vertical alignment of pipes and cables; and level electric sockets, cable trays, radiators and pipe installations. To learn more, visit