Insulation Labs is a residential and commercial insulation contractor located in Van Nuys, Calif. Its team installs all types of insulation in new and existing homes, and installs building insulation in a variety of commercial buildings. Insulation Labs employs the latest insulation technologies and building science to bring energy efficiency innovation to the customer.

With just four years to its name, one of its owners and founders Moses Baroz cut his teeth in Los Angeles.

“The State of California is very big on energy efficiency construction, and throughout my five years of employment at LA Build Corp, I became exposed to the advancements in the insulation industry and developed my structural energy efficiency awareness,” says Baroz. “I recognized the need for a new professional insulation contractor in our market, which will utilize the advancements in technology and will bring an updated approach to residential and commercial insulation installation.”

In the words of Baroz’s partner Eran Drori, he was the owner of a general construction company that was most interested in focusing on a single trade and becoming an expert in the field—though he didn’t have a specific trade in mind. When Baroz approached him with an idea of partnering and starting an energy efficiency-focused company, they both had their “Eureka” moment.

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Structures A-plenty

With a staff of more than 60, the company focuses on insulation installation in new construction projects (residential and commercial), specifically tract homes and low- to high-rise structures.

According to Baroz, Insulation Labs is consistently experiencing a steady growth at a healthy rate.

“Business now is very good and the future is promising,” he says. “Insulation Labs’ great relationship with our clients and suppliers is stronger than ever.” He says that construction in Southern California is at a peak and it reflects positively on Insulation Labs pipeline of work.

And what do these two find is the most interesting aspect to this job? Drori says, “It is working with national builders and value engineering multimillion dollar projects in order to find the most cost-effective solutions.” Whereas Baroz states, “Expanding Insulation Labs into new markets and implementing new processes to better serve our clients.”

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The Hardest Walk

And what is the hardest aspect of the job?

“Currently, due to Covid-19 impact and the high demand for insulation, there’s a shortage on insulation materials. At the moment we invest more time and resources than ever in order to see that our job sites are not delayed,” says Baroz.

Looking forward, Drori says the company is looking into purchasing another insulation company and expanding its reach into other parts of California. In short, he says that the company’s ultimate goal is operating multiple branches throughout California.

Drori says that the company has cultivated a strong relationship with Owens Corning and being a Certified Energy Expert; its wide range of fiberglass, mineral wool and other insulation products have been Insulation Lab’s main go-to. Their main distributor is IDI.

“Both Eran and I started our careers as home builders. We understand the needs of a general construction company and constantly assist our GC’s with managing every aspect of the insulation scope of their project,” says Baroz.

“Being a young, technologically advanced and upbeat company, in an industry that mainly consists of veteran insulation contractors, definitely gives us an edge over our competition,” says Drori.

There are so many things that I see as achievements. We started as a company with one employee and now we provide work to over 60 outstanding people,” says Baroz. “Our personal and professional growth, the relationships we consistently build, becoming an Owens Corning CEE, becoming a member of NICE, and building our educational resources through our membership in ICAA. All of these and more are small achievements that comprise the company and the people we are.”