Walls & Ceilings’ Publisher Jill Bloom is joined by Art Aisner of Roofing Contractor and CEO of Art Unlimited, Anna Anderson. In this first installment of our newest video series “Dear Anna,” a video series focused on bringing PR and marketing tips to the construction industry, Anna gives us a rundown on how to handle a PR crisis.

A family-owned business, Art Unlimited is a digital marketing agency designed to help aide companies in making strategic actions that drive their customers forward. In a world like today’s where technology is everywhere, Art Unlimited assists in helping keep their customers ahead of the changes technology has in store. And in an industry like ours, we know how vital that is. 

Anna Anderson discusses how to handle crises that companies faced long before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and will continue to face after the pandemic. “These are topics that companies have had to navigate for years, and will have to continue to navigate for years ahead. And having a plan in place is critical,” Anderson tells W&C

In this video, Anderson goes over a checklist that companies should have in place in case of a crisis. She explains the different types of audiences that companies need to be aware of when addressing a crisis, and how figuring out how to share your message is not as simple as one may think.

Anna discusses a little thing called “cascading messaging,” and why it’s so important. “Many times we forget how distracted even brilliant can be, and how much information we are having to absorb on a daily basis.” 

As each of us can attest to, sometimes we “hear” something, but we don’t absorb it properly. There are so many other things on our mind, especially in times of stress. Anna gives tips on how we can ensure the messages we are putting out to the public are easily absorbed by our audiences.

Watch the entire video to hear more marketing tips, what do to when the media shows up before your team is ready to give a statement, and the key elements to ensure your message is received positively. Or, listen to the podcast on the go here.