Given the high demand for fire and sound rated drywall accessories as well as fully cured joint firestop devices CEMCO will focus their attention and production resources on Fire Gasket, Sound Gasket, Fire Bead, 093X, SuperSeal-X, HOTROD TYPE X, HOTROD XL, Smoke and Sound Stop, and FireRip. In order to maintain the high level of service and delivery of quality products to all our customers, CEMCO will discontinue the products listed below effective January 3, 2022:

  • DDA® and DDA-1
  • Exterior Slotted Track
  • FAS Track® 1000
  • FAS Track® 1000 BT
  • FAS Track® 1000 DL
  • FAS J-Track/FAS J-Runner
  • Tab Track.

For technical assistance with any of CEMCO’s joint firestopping products feel free to contact Don Pilz ( or Akira Usami (