High-density Closed-cell Foam SIPs


RAYCORE SIPs patented wall panels and roof panels are not a sandwich panel, relying on OSB and glue adhesive to provide the structure of your home. For code purposes, these SIPs—with integrated studs—are considered conventional framing and fall under the provisions of the IRC Section 6, when applicable to wall framing. The panels feature:

  • Studs: century-old tried and true framing materials
  • High-tech Materials: Custom blended closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation
  • Foil radiant barrier

For more information, visit raycore.com.


Thermally Efficient Forms

Omni Block

Omni Block utilizes locally quarried, abundant, readily available, indigenous raw materials with low embodied energy counts during the manufacture of the block units. The EPS inserts are made of UL listed non-toxic, chemically stable, CFC-free, VOC-free materials, and have an extremely low flame-spread. The block is a thermally efficient “whole wall” because it combines R-value, the effects of thermal mass, thermal lag, thermal damping, and air-tightness, which result in a passive solar technology. All block and insert material are 100 percent recyclable. There is zero formaldehyde content in any of the components. For more information, visit omniblock.com.


Eco-friendly ICFs


The company’s line of insulation products provide solutions for maximizing energy efficiency, providing greater protection from the elements and minimizing noise. Nudura has 4 different ICF series and various accessories to cover all of your building needs. Building with ICFs give contractors the opportunity to build faster and more efficiently while offering an eco-friendly structure with substantial benefits that contribute to long-term energy savings. For more information visit nudura.com.


Air-tight ICFs

BuildBlock Building Systems

The BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Form product family provides a full construction solution for anyone looking to build with the strongest and most energy efficient materials in the market. These ICFs are a stay-in place concrete forming system that combine EPS foam and high-density plastic to create airtight structures that are equipped to withstand natural disasters while maintaining healthy and comfortable interior spaces. For more information on ICFs and the variety of offerings from BuildBlock, visit us online at buildblock.com.


Structural and Air Barrier Enhanced Panels

Premier SIPs

These structural panels combine structure, insulation and air barrier within one engineered solution. This enables builders to take a “systems approach” and eliminates the need for separate schedules and crews for framing the building, installing insulation and completing the air barrier. In a commercial or institutional building, this can remove weeks off the production schedule. For more information, visit premiersips.com.