High-density ICF

Chaney Enterprises

Pre-assembled ICF block forms can be used for single story or multi-story residential or commercial projects. Flat, monolithic cavities will accommodate all rebar requirements. Continuous furring strips, pre-molded corners and exclusive accessories make set-up and bracing quick and simple. High-density packaging reduces shipping and handling costs up to 50 percent (when compared to rigid ICF systems). Full hardware packages are available to build virtually any wall shape. For more information, visit chaneyenterprises.com/Insulated-Concrete-Walls.

VOC-free Foam Forms

Omni Block

Omni Block utilizes locally quarried, abundant, readily available, indigenous raw materials with low embodied energy counts during the manufacture of the block units. The EPS inserts are made of UL listed non-toxic, chemically stable, CFC-free, VOC-free materials, and have an extremely low flame-spread. The block is a thermally efficient “whole wall” because it combines R-value, the effects of thermal mass, thermal lag, thermal damping, and air-tightness, which result in a passive solar technology. All block and insert material are 100 percent recyclable. There is zero formaldehyde content in any of the components. For more information, visit omniblock.com.

Higher R-value ICF Forms


The new XR35 form has been created with a higher R-value due to its 4-inch EPS panels. It is available with a 6- and 8-inch core as a standard form and a 90° corner form. The fastening strips remain 5/8 inches below the surface of the EPS and are located at 8 inches in the center. The fastening strip is marked with a diamond pattern making fastening the interior or exterior finishes quick and easily on-site. The XR35 provides builders with another option to help meet the growing demand of today’s customers who are requesting more energy-efficient buildings and includes all company features: Durafold Technology, Duramax Technology, Duralok Technology and 4-Way Reversible. For more information visit nudura.com

Dense EPS Foam ICFs 

BuildBlock Building Systems

BuildBlock ICFs combine the insulation quality of dense EPS foam with the strength of reinforced concrete. Form walls are strong, energy-efficient, quiet, clean and offer incredible flexibility in terms of design. The structures provide greater protection against natural disasters, including high winds and wildfires. These ICF walls have been proven to withstand damage from winds as high as 250 mph and offer a 4-hour fire rating. Use ICFs to build a home that’s energy-efficient, comfortable, and offers protection and resilience against natural disasters. For more information, visit buildblock.com.