In this short video, Tassilo Deinzer, executive vice president of Power Tools and Accessories at Hilti, discusses exactly what it means when Hilti says Nuron features “one-platform” for all your cordless tools.

Why is one-platform something contractors should get excited about? How will it change their day-to-day on the jobsite? 

Deinzer explains, “We believe that our customers are worried about two things: How can my crews be most productive? and How can my assets be most productive?”

The complexity on the jobsite, as most know, is affected by many different factors, Deinzer says. Such as needing cords for your jobsite, gas for power tools, the different voltages being used, and so on and so forth. And with Deinzer being a technology guy, his job is to think about how Hilti can bring technology to the jobsite that makes things simpler.

“The idea we had at Hilti was: Why don’t we radically think this one from the ground up? We put everything on cordless [platform] and we put everything on one battery platform, on one voltage. We believe by doing so we are making the crews way more productive because nobody needs to worry about whether or not they have the right stuff on the jobsite.” 

For more information on how Nuron’s one-platform capabilities can make your crews and jobsites more productive, tune in or listen to the podcast on our podcast page. You can also access this podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.