Metl-Span, a recognized leader in the advancement of insulated metal panel technology, is proud to announce that it recently achieved an Environmental Product Declaration for CF wall and roof panels. EPDs are based on International Standard of Organization-compliant Life Cycle Assessments. The EPD supports Metl-Span’s continued commitment to a cleaner, energy-efficient environment as a leader in the industry.

The new EPD reflects the R-152a and HFO blowing agents for Metl-Span’s CF and CFR products. The products reflected under the declaration include the entire Concealed Fastener profile line, Mesa, Light Mesa, Flute, Tuff Wall, Tuff-Cast, Santa Fe, Striated, Architectural, Partition and CFR roof panels.

Experts conduct a product life cycle assessment for each product before issuing an Environmental Product Declaration. The life cycle assessment of Metl-Span insulated metal panels measures the impact of a product from supply chain through the manufacturing processes.

“We’re excited to showcase our commitment to producing energy-efficient, sustainable products by adding another Environmental Product Declaration,” said Henia Gringarten, marketing specialist at Metl-Span. “We have expanded our sustainability efforts, and adding this level of transparency allows us to continue to be industry leaders.”