Armstrong World Industries, Inc. announced a partnership with Spacekit on Dec. 7, allowing Spacekit to offer its unique modular, acoustical wall art for sale on Armstrong’s direct-to-customer digital sales platform, Spacekit products broaden Kanopi’s assortment of high design, customizable solutions with acoustic benefits for office, retail, dining, hospitality and other commercial settings.

Manufactured in Lititz, Pennsylvania, Spacekit products are constructed with thoughtfully sourced materials and production processes. All panels are made of U.S.-harvested and formaldehyde-free sustainable wood products, and the framing system is produced with a zero-waste manufacturing process. Spacekit products were launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, when Spacekit’s parent company, ATOMIC, pivoted from working on modular set-design solutions for live events and started designing and manufacturing acoustical wall art for the home, where noise control was a growing issue.

“We are excited to be working with Spacekit to bring another high value solution to our Kanopi customers,” said Jill Crager, Sales Operations Senior Vice President. “As two Lancaster County-based businesses, we share a commitment to offering unique, innovative products to the marketplace. These great-looking, sustainable products offer a practical function almost every space needs – sound absorption. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to install. It checks all the boxes for a modern building material.”

“We’re a team of designers with a passion for beautiful spaces – a passion we share with Armstrong,” added Rob Barber, ATOMIC/Spacekit Vice President of Modular Systems and R&D. “When the entertainment industry effectively shut down during COVID-19, we saw an opportunity to apply our expertise to a new market. This resulted in Spacekit products for home décor, and now we’re expanding into commercial spaces, a perfect fit with Armstrong’s brand reputation and reach. It’s a winning combination and opportunity for both our companies to work together to introduce easy-to-use, stylish solutions to the market.”