In response to a request from Joanna and Chip Gaines’ Magnolia Network, brief footage (aka a “cutdown”) from the GA’s archival Lathing and Plastering film (circa 1950s) will be featured in the Friday, Feb. 17 episode of First Time Fixer.

First Time Fixer is a popular renovation series that features novice-level home renovators of all kinds attempting to remodel a house to flip it or with the hope of landing their dream renovation. The show is accessible on the Magnolia Network and streaming services, such as Discovery Plus, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. Learn more here.

The Feb. 17 episode of First Time Fixer is entitled “Making Their Grandparents’ Home Their Own,” wherein “A young woman uses her design skills and depends on her partner's craftsmanship to renovate a mid-century home that belonged to her grandparents; the couple navigates nostalgia and the desire to modernize.” Alex and Emily are the homeowners and live in Kansas.

The GA’s video is pertinent because it guides Alex – with the help of his dad – to renovate an arch in a doorway. It so happens they are also working in accordance with GA-226 Application of Gypsum Board to Form a Curved Surface. The producer’s desire to have the GA clip briefly integrated in the show is to enhance the sense of nostalgia.

This opportunity arose because Alex had originally been studying renovating and discovered the GA’s resources on the GA website and the GA YouTube channel.