Vector Structural Engineering is excited to announce that it’s opening a new office in Arlington, Texas. The reason behind this opening is twofold: to expand its presence to better serve clients in need of excellent structural engineering services in Texas and to help employees achieve their career goals.

Scott Van Hoose will lead the charge in this new location, and he was largely responsible for its opening. When he approached the company about running his own office, they asked him quite simply, “Where?”

“We really wanted to help Scott grow in his career, and when he decided he wanted a chance to run his own office, we didn’t want to lose him,” said Jacob Proctor, CEO of Vector Structural Engineering. “Scott is a valuable, loyal employee and has shown that he is trustworthy and a very capable engineer.”

Van Hoose had a few states on the table that included California and Florida, but he landed on Texas because his spouse has family in the region. Currently, there are three full-time engineers in the office, and there’s room to grow.

Van Hoose’s experience is mostly with miscellaneous steel structures, working with steel fabricators to design railings and stairs as well as signs and bridges. He also has experience with steel connections and prefabricated metal buildings. Vector’s main office has vast experience with designing custom homes and residential businesses.

Proctor shared that all of Vector’s engineers have access to a network of structural engineering experts throughout the company in order to serve diverse engineering needs and populations.

“I hope to be able to provide a client-oriented structural engineering service that focuses on providing a quality, economical design while ensuring client satisfaction,” Van Hoose said.

The office also hopes to work closely with engineering students in the area to help them gain experience while going to school.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to serve the community and the growth potential for Vector by having our first office in Texas,” Proctor said.