You never know when a natural disaster is going to strike, but you can be prepared in case it happens. In this episode of If Walls Could Talk, Publisher Jill Bloom sat down with Steve Slepcevic, CEO of Strategic Response Partners, to discuss how you would go about putting a disaster response plan together.

Slepcevic said the key to the disaster response plan is making sure your employees have everything they need for them and their families. “If you are the company that, day one, has a temporary shower setup, a temporary laundry service setup … the people are able to do their laundry there, they’re able to take showers there, you have a catering service that is serving your people, feeding them three times a day, your employees are showing up,” he said.

Slepcevic also said that having a base camp where employees feel safe helps them be as productive as possible with disaster relief. “[After a disaster hits, employees] are working from when their eyes open to when their eyes close,” he said. “I’m taking away everything else that they shouldn’t be dealing with and they’re only focused on the task and the work at hand.”

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