In the most recent episode of If Walls Could Talk, W&C Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with Art Unlimited CEO Anna Anderson about the best ways to find your customer persona. Anderson says that companies should be using data to determine its target customer, whether internal or external data. Anderson says her company has put together a whopping 300 data sets to help find customers’ target clients.

“We have so many data points that intersect and support each other, and through that layering of the persona data, we get this very robust information model of who this target customer is,” Anderson says. “So, it’s not specific to names, but it gives us the ability to truly understand them.”

You can also use your customer persona to find new customers, even targeting specific groups.

“So many [contractors] don’t understand the power of the data inside their CRM,” Anderson says. “So we have been taking that and saying, ‘What is your data inside the CRM?’ and modeling those users to find more users.”

Anderson also stresses the importance of using technology to your advantage.

“We hear a lot about AI, but we don’t hear as much about using big data sets and breaking that down for small businesses to make incredibly accurate decisions when it comes to their marketing strategy, white space as far as where they are going to take the company in three to five years and predictive analysis,” Anderson says. “These are things that are at the fingertips of business owners in 2024.”