In the most recent episode of If Walls Could Talk, W&C Publisher Jill Bloom sat down with Trent Cotney, partner at Adams & Reese, to discuss a new project Cotney is working on to help contractors when OSHA unexpectedly shows up on the job site.

Cotney says that you want to cooperate with OSHA, but you should also know what your rights are so you do not make a mistake that could hurt you down the road.

“What we’re trying to do is make sure you understand the process of when OSHA comes out [to your job site],” Cotney says. “Obviously, you tell the truth; obviously, you cooperate, but what we want to make sure you’re doing is asserting your rights because OSHA won’t necessarily tell you what your rights are.”

Beyond knowing what your rights are, Adams & Reese is working to help contractors be prepared for when OSHA shows up. They are even working on a “cheat sheet” with tips and reminders that contractors can carry around with them.

“We look to create a standard operating procedure of what to do when OSHA shows up at a job site,” Cotney says. “And it’s very detailed and it goes through everything from make sure you’re contacting the office [to] make sure that a representative that’s knowledgeable comes out [to] make sure that you’re taking photographs and doing things that you need to to preserve evidence.”

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