L&W Supply has announced that its customers now have access to enhanced e-commerce capabilities through its online order management tool, myLWsupply. The tool will now allow them to order products, see pricing, confirm order details and more.

“Our team has an unwavering commitment to streamlining our customers’ experiences in the ever-changing construction industry,” said Dan Piché, president of L&W Supply. “MyLWsupply further optimizes order processing and boosts efficiency and accuracy. Most importantly, it allows our customers to conduct business whenever and wherever their projects take them.”

In addition to online ordering, L&W Supply customers can also benefit from the platform’s other features, including:

Order History

  • Review past and present orders
  • Easily re-order frequent purchases

Delivery Updates

  • Track delivery status
  • View delivery confirmation photos

Team Access

  • Grant additional team members access to myLWsupply
  • Customize individual account permissions as needed

Simplified Billing

  • View statements and pay invoices online
  • Eliminate manual billing tracking

L&W Supply will continue to accept orders by phone, email, fax and in-person but highly encourages customers to register for myLWsupply to experience even more real-time access to their orders. Learn more and register today by visiting myLWsupply.com or download the L&W Supply app for iOS or Android devices.