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Year founded: 1999

Purpose or mission statement:

• Promote and advance the use of light-gauge steel trusses and components.

• Promote and advance standards of conduct and operation for the industry, including standards of quality control.

• Actively participate with industry, code groups and governing bodies in the formation of standards and responsibilities.

• Promote discussion among and education of members with respect to issues involving the industry.

President: John Hubbard

Secretary: Jim Thomas

Treasurer: Michael Goodman

Staff/Legal Counsel: Kent Pagel

Board members: Michael Meek, John Carpenter, James Holland, Keith Kinser, Tom Valvo, Gregg Miller, Mary Pat Keller, David Matychowiak.


Manufacturers: 40

Suppliers: 11

Associates: 6

Benefits to its members:

• A network of peers in the business.

• Fraternity through its meetings and Internet “Business Round Table.“

• Ability to provide insight and input into industry standards with which members must comply.

• Education of members’ employees.

• A united voice on regulatory issues involving groups like OSHA, DOT and the Department of Labor.

• Ability to influence how specifiers, building officials, fire officials and the public view the steel-truss and -component industry.

Resources for the wall and ceiling contractor:

The members of the association manufacture wall panels, roof and floor trusses and related components, so they are very closely aligned with wall and ceiling contractors. One of STCA’s future goals will be to develop educational programs on handling and installing steel trusses and wall panels and related components, along with the unique attributes of framing with these components.

Past accomplishments:

• Represented truss manufacturer interests by participating in the development of the Design Standard For Cold-Formed Steel Truss Construction standard with the American Iron and Steel Institute.

• Introduced two new products—STCA Specification for the Design and Manufacture of Cold Formed Steel Trusses & Components and Introducing the Steel Truss & Component Industry. Both of these products are available for purchase to hand out to customers and specifiers.

• Created eight sticker tags for trusses for the purpose of warning and instructing installers.

• Developed an STCA Fax/E-mail News Alert titled “STCA Update.”

• Created a Web site that includes a list of members and shows products.

• Placed a table at METALCON and handed out industry information and more than 50 membership lists to visitors.

Working on:

Creation of an industry-wide steel-component quality-control standard, STCA’s main goal.

Future goals:

Implementation of the quality-control standard; creation of more safety/informational products for the industry (e.g., truss tags); creation of additional educational information on the proper and most efficient use of steel components.

STCA was founded by steel component manufacturers and is completely focused on representing the issues facing the steel-truss and -component industry and working cooperatively with other interest groups to ensure the economic and efficient use of components.


Brigit Frank

STCA Administrator

6300 Enterprise Lane, Suite 300

Madison, Wisc. 53719

(608) 268-1031 x 21

(419) 831-6375 (Efax)