Sarah reminds the W&C readership to every so often fill out the subscription card in the magazine.

You might not realize it, but you are holding onto a precious commodity.

That's because as of this month, it is becoming more expensive for us at Walls & Ceilings to bring you your subscription. Two postal increases in the next six months--one now and one in January 2002--might raise the price of postage as much as 20 percent. Ouch!

I'm sure that you wall and ceiling pros understand how an increase in materials or overhead can sock your business. We're no different, and sometimes it's tough out there.

Like you, we see high quality as our largest strength, and we hold that standard to our circulation. Walls & Ceilings has the largest total and qualified circulation of audited publications in the industry. What does that mean? It means we not only go to the largest number of subscribers, we also try to achieve the highest possible number of subscribers who specifically ask for Walls & Ceilings by name.

That also means that sometimes we have to drop from our circulation list names of people who haven't filled out subscription cards in a while. If your subscription has been on-again off-again, think about the last time you filled out a subscription card. Therein might lie the answer!

Just to be sure, while you're thinking about it, fill out the card inside this magazine right now, or call (847) 291-5244. You can also sign up for a subscription on our Web site at

For most of you, subscriptions to Walls & Ceilings are free, because we're committed to helping you become better businesspeople and tradespeople. You can return the favor by simply filling out your subscription requests promptly and completely to save us additional renewal efforts.

We think you'll find it worth the effort. In the next few months, we're bringing on new columnists, developing exciting new story angles and delving further into the subjects you, our faithful readers, are asking for. If there's something else you want to see, please drop us a line.

We hope you continue to enjoy reading Walls & Ceilings as much as we here enjoy bringing it to you!