Trak system by ACTS USA

The Trak system is for constructing 2x2, 2x4 or other sizes of fabric-tucked, 1-inch fiberglass-filled cove-edge ceiling tiles. The ceiling panels (tiles) can be built in the field or the shop. The Trak can be mitered to size and a fastening device is used to secure the corners. Generally, a 1-inch deep, 6# density fiberglass is cut and placed in the holding jaws for the desired acoustical values. Fabric is then inserted in the retainer and the cove edge panel is put in place in the grid. About 3/8-inch of the cove edge drops below the grid forming an attractive product. There is an additional area above the fiberglass that can hold 3/8-inch material to add to the STC rating of the tile. The acoustical values depend on the fiberglass and fabric used but is around .85 NRC, if general values are in place.