The Vothole Hole Repair Patch consists of three components: the patch (120 millimeters, 5 inch square approximately), a tie strip and a brace. The tie strip is inserted through the center of the patch and drawn through. The brace is then placed over the end of the tie strip and drawn down the tie strip for a short distance. The patch is then inserted through the hole to be repaired so that it overlaps the hole on the far side of the sheet material. The brace is then drawn down the tie strip, utilizing the ratchet action of the teeth in the tie strip to pull the patch into place across the back of the hole. The brace straddles the hole on the face side of the material being repaired, thus keeping the patch locked into place under tension, ready for application of filler. Following the first application of filler, the tie strip is cut off and removed with the brace (the brace can be reused). A second application of filler is then applied, and finished off to complete the repair.