DeWALT fans participating in the Challenge ...

Each year DeWALT has been in racing, fans across America have participated in the Challenge. This year, the Challenge will launch in Las Vegas.

The course of the challenge will last for approximately six months throughout the prime builder's season. Contenders will have more than 300 opportunities to take the challenge at the company?s events throughout the United States to win $1 million dollars.

Qualifying events will be held at various power tool distributors, on residential and commercial job sites and at various NASCAR Winston Cup races.

Participants with the fastest times will advance to one of 16 regional events held at Chevrolet Truck dealerships. Regional winners will then advance to the DeWALT Challenge finals in Phoenix. The 16 finalists will win an all-inclusive trip to Phoenix International Raceway during the NASCAR Winston Cup weekend to compete for the chance to win the grand prize of $1 million dollars.