Nick discusses the importance of group effort.

One of the most fascinating mechanisms of nature is the “group effort” of a species to attain that Darwinian goal of success and propagation. The birds do it, the bees do it and of course, the construction industry does it!

In that group effort, every entity has its role and for success, every group must fulfill that role honestly and with genuine integrity. Like they teach you in Boy Scouts, always leave a campsite better than the way you found it.

Walls & Ceilings’ role in the group effort is to be the leading publication for our industry, key word being “leading.” We think of this magazine as the leader. We don’t think of it as just pages to fill with stories that are warm and fuzzy. We genuinely think about the fact that W&C is the leader and has been for 65 years. ‘Tis with pride we compile our editorial!

And that editorial is always based on readers’ needs for information that helps them do better business. What many may not realize is that we love talking to contractors and hearing about their day-to-day joys and pains. That’s why we had a recent contractor roundtable and that is why we encourage contractors to never hesitate to contact us with a story or a need.

In a recent editorial, I quoted a line from a movie: “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” I offered a free W&C travel coffee mug to the first contractor to correctly identify the source. Congratulations to Chrissy Johnson, of Applied Drywall & Texture, of Mound, Minn. It was Chrissy’s letter that got me thinking about our roles in the group effort and that our readers are real people (her letter appears on page 10).

Chrissy’s words were a pleasant reminder of the folks out there doing their part in the group effort: the heart and soul of the industry, the folks who install the walls and ceilings. Appropriately, people like Chrissy and her crew of Bunt, Lightning, School Boy and the Cub are our inspiration to continue our leadership role for another 65 years. I look forward to seeing an improved floating wallboard panel in the New Products section!

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, welcome to our annual convention companion issue. All readers are urged to examine a potential trade show and consider attending for the betterment of a particular area of service. The folks who coordinate these shows are doing their part in the group effort by bringing manufacturers and teachers together to promote good information and demonstrate the newest progress on construction products and services. Be sure to look up Walls & Ceilings and come visit!

This issue also marks the debut of Bridge columnist Jeff Syken’s new column, The Green Thumb, which will provide a continuing overview of the green construction industry. To twist a line from the movie that won Chrissy her mug: Green is good.