Construction is a dangerous profession, with more than 1,000 workers dying on job sites each year in the U.S., according to Bilal Sajjad of Legal Reader.

The International Labor Organization recently released a report saying that about 3 million workers die worldwide annually, with approximately 6,500 because of work-related diseases and around 1,000 from occupational accidents.

Even if safety is a top priority, construction site accidents will happen, but the amount can be reduced. The five accidents below are some of the most common on job sites, but there are other types as well.


Trip and falls are among the most common causes of serious injury and deaths on construction sites and include falling off scaffolding, ladders, failed harnesses and ropes.

Poorly assembled protection covers, loose guardrail systems and not utilizing safety harnesses the way they were intended when working on scaffolding can also cause falls. It is up to supervisors and project managers to make sure mistakes are avoided and ensure that falls are kept to a bare minimum.


Workers can be electrocuted when they come into direct contact with overhead power lines and wiring without wearing the necessary safety gear. Working near equipment, machines and tools that are directly connected to live power lines can also result in severe injury or fatality because of absent circuit interrupters.

Supervisors must make certain that construction workers are not approaching these electrically powered machines until they are sporting the appropriate safety gear. It is important to bear in mind that faulty wiring can lead to worker death.

Crushing Injuries

Crushing injuries occur on job sites due to debris, large slabs of concrete structure or equipment falling on workers. All around the world, construction sites have witnessed situations of building materials like sand, cement and steel dropping on workers because of poor installation procedures.

Installation of the highest quality is required as a first step in the avoidance of such potentially fatal accidents. Workers must always wear safety helmets to ensure they are protected in the event that heavy material falls from a building, which can directly strike the skull.

Caught-Between Incidents

It is common for job sites to see limbs or entire bodies caught between pieces of heavy equipment. These incidents are referred to as “caught-between” injuries. They can range from minor issues to violent fatalities.

Some of these issues occur when a hammer smashes a finger, which constitutes a minor caught-between incident. Problems that are more serious occur when a worker is caught between a loader or a bulldozer and a hard surface, like a concrete retaining wall.

Heavy on-site equipment must be outfitted with the latest in telematics software and reversing alarms, which can warn workers who might otherwise get in the way.

Crane Collapses

Crane collapses are one of the most common and deadly job site accidents resulting in injury. They occur when the heavy equipment has not been properly fitted or installed. The collapses, while violent in nature, can cause severe injury to material and human assets in and around the construction site, especially if they are located in a heavily populated, urban environment.

Bad crane installations can be avoided by ensuring that reputable crane companies are hired not only to put the crane in place, but also to utilize the correct software and motion detection and anti-collision devices to avoid tragic accidents.

Construction can be a rewarding and lucrative career. However, safety comes first on all job sites, from the smallest residential job to the largest commercial project. Only then can dangerous and costly accidents be avoided.