W&C selects several products that advance the trade, encourage stronger quality and improve production.

Springtime is an important period for the walls and ceilings industry. In late March/early April, the Association of Walls and Ceilings International holds its annual trade show, and it is during this time when many companies unleash their latest or improved products. From Oz to Boston, from small proprietor to big business, some interesting tools, building materials and other such novelties were presented to the editors of this magazine. In an effort to recognize the latest and to show those that could not attend the trade show what tools were introduced, the magazine selected several different products that we hope will advance the trade, encourage stronger quality and improve production.

Professional Engineering Corp.

The Suspended Ceiling Wire Cutter tool is designed to safely cut down suspended ceilings from the floor. Users can cut down approximately 5,000 square feet of ceiling grid per hour. The tool weighs 3 pounds and the extended pole can reach up to 24 feet. The cutting blades can cut 100,000 square feet of ceiling grid (suspension wires) before the replaceable heat-treated steel blades need to be replaced. The product is manufactured by Professional Engineering Corp.


The Drywall Art Crown Moldings, from Trim-Tex, are decorative trims that one can add to their interior finishes that are designed to eliminate callbacks and time-consuming coping. The properties of these trims make them shrink and warp proof, unlike wood. These install in about the same time it would take to paper tape and mud an inside corner. These easily cut, glue, staple and mud. Classic-style looks of traditional crown, as well as designer cove, cornice and stepped finishes can be achieved complementary with the company's other drywall products. They are available in 2 1⁄2- and 3 1⁄2-inch crown molding sizes.


The Bucket Vise, made by Nuwidgets, is to stop the bucket from spinning when mixing joint compound, grout, plaster and other materials that need to be mixed. It is described to act like an industrial strength rubber band with "wings." It is placed on a relatively flat surface and the bucket is set into the ring area. The integral "wings" were designed for use under the user's feet to give it even more resistance when needed. To remove the bucket, simply lift the product up.

Lafarge North America

The Rapid Deco L5 Level 5 skim-coated drywall and joint compound, made by Lafarge North America, is a proprietary Level 5 drywall and joint finishing system. It is designed to be a fast and simple solution for areas that require a Level 5 finish. The system, consisting of a factory-applied skim-coat finish to gypsum board and specially formulated matching joint compound, is equivalent to field-applied skim-coat/Level 5 specification. Ideal for areas where critical lighting or gloss paints are specified, the product provides a consistent appearance and strong finish. The system minimizes job site application labor and reduces costs over field-applied skim coat/Level 5.


The Vothole Hole Repair Patch, manufactured by Vothole, consists of three components: the patch (120 millimeters, 5 inch square approximately), a tie strip and a brace. The tie strip is inserted through the center of the patch and drawn through. The brace is then placed over the end of the tie strip and drawn down the tie strip for a short distance. The patch is then inserted through the hole to be repaired so that it overlaps the hole on the far side of the sheet material. The brace is then drawn down the tie strip, utilizing the ratchet action of the teeth in the tie strip to pull the patch into place across the back of the hole. The brace straddles the hole on the face side of the material being repaired, thus keeping the patch locked into place under tension, ready for application of filler. Following the first application of filler, the tie strip is cut off and removed with the brace (the brace can be reused). A second application of filler is then applied, and finished off to complete the repair.

Buttboard Inc.

The Buttboard is a backer for floating butt joints, from Buttboard Inc. When installed, a slightly recessed area results in the face of the joint that finishes just like a factory edge seam. Its results should be a flat surface, without no more butt bulges, ridges, cracks or shadowing. The joint is also twice as strong as a normal butt joint. Its installation requires no special fasteners or tools and requires less cuts, material and time. Waste is reduced, as are waste handling and disposal costs, as well. Finishing requires one half the material and time. It is applicable for both wall and ceiling installation, as well as for remodeling and drywall repairing.

National Gypsum

The PermaBase Veneer Plaster construction system for interior walls and ceilings improves impact and abrasion resistance in high abuse and heavy traffic areas. It consists of a veneer basecoat plaster and a finish coat plaster. It has a double-wrapped EdgeTech design that has ease of use, durability and stability, which allows for closer fastener application of nails or screws at the edge without crumbling or spinout. The PermaBase Flex Veneer Plaster System is designed to work with the company's Kal-Kote Basecoat Plaster and finished with Kal-Kote Smooth or Texture Finish, Uni-Kal or X-KALibur Veneer Plaster, all of which are from National Gypsum.