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Year founded: 1950

Purpose or mission statement: To provide quality education, networking opportunities and a forum for communication among its members.

CISCA President: Claude Amerson

Board members, titles: Tom Jacobson, president-elect, from Jacobson & Co. Inc.; Tom Edens, secretary-treasurer, from Bonitz Contracting Co. Inc.; Mike Hankins, past president, of Acoustics & Specialties Inc.; Tom Ayers, manufacturer director, from Hunter Douglas Architectural Products; Doug Faa, contractor director, from Environmental Acoustics Inc.; Greg Helgemoe, manufacturer director, from Armstrong World Industries; Ray Horan, distributor director, from Specialty Product & Insulation; Scott Miller, contractor director, from Field & Associates Inc.; John Montgomery, contractor director, from Environmental Interiors Inc.; William Shannon, independent manufacturing representative director, from Shannon Corp.; Kent Vipond, contractor director, from Eliason & Knuth Companies Inc.; Pete Welly, distributor director, from Acoustical Material Services; Patricia Appelhans, executive director, from CISCA.


Manufacturers: 133

Dealers/Distributors: 146

Contractors: 228

Other: 14

Benefits to its members:

• Opportunities to form business contacts and valuable relationships through its conventions, seminars, training sessions and social gatherings, as well as its board of directors and committees activities.

• Interior Construction, CISCA’s trade publication for the interior commercial construction and acoustics industry, examining issues and trends impacting business.

• The Industry Resource Guide, a valuable tool for advertising one’s firm and for locating other companies in the industry.

• COVERS, the “members only” newsletter, providing articles on issues, current happenings and tips for the full staff.

• Quick Response Surveys on issues and trends contractors need to know.

• Educational sessions throughout the year to meet the needs of the interior commercial construction industry. Use of all CISCA’s resources for learning—seminars, convention sessions, training classes, audio conferences, regional roundtables, as well as proven products available through CISCA. Education is constantly under review, with new methods and offerings planned to keep up to date with the industry.

Past accomplishments

• Development of Inter Con: The International Interior Construction Trade Show, offering attendees maximum opportunities for interaction, information and innovation. Inter Con brings together professionals involved in commercial interior construction, contractors, distributors, suppliers, specifiers and designers. Inter Con has broad industry endorsement and support, international vendors and attendees, and hands-on demonstrations and educational topics.

Working on:

• Increased educational offerings, including the development of four audio conferences. The first conference was held in January, presented by CISCA Counsel Don Gregory, on One-Sided Contract Provisions to Avoid in Subcontract Forms.

• Regional golf tournaments and roundtable discussions. The next regional golf tournament is Feb. 12, in Anaheim, Calif.

• A series of two-and-a-half-day seminars for distribution managers, in conjunction with Texas A&M University. The entire program consists of five modules. Each module will be presented during InterCon. At the conclusion of each module, attendees will receive a certificate. The program will cover human resource management, electronic commerce, and trends in distribution.

Future goals:

• To strengthen educational programs, increase membership and continue to be the association of choice for the interior construction contractor, manufacturer and distributor.


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