Up Front

Ever wonder how your wall and ceiling comrades are tying lath in Laguna Beach? Installing EIFS in Elizabethtown? Hanging board in Boise?

Wonder no more. Walls & Ceilings magazine, already the number one and only independent source for industry information, is taking communication a bold step further with its enhanced Web site Message Board.

The Bulletin Board is the only forum for wall and ceiling professionals like you to ask and answer one another about how-to dilemmas, share the latest techniques, offer opinions about the state of the industry, or comment on a story found in the magazine. You might even assist the occasional hapless DIYer who can’t find his ceiling with both hands and flashlight.

Posting messages and responding to messages is simple and fast. Either click the “post message” button to create a new message, or click the button that reads “post a reply to this thread” to answer a message previously posted.

This might sound familiar to some of you. Walls & Ceilings ran an online forum for a couple of years. That forum is closed now, and its threads were not able to be transferred to the new Message Board. Some of the topics—like the state of labor and workmanship—were just starting to heat up. I hope those of you who offered your opinions before on that and other subjects will log onto the new site and share your thoughts again.

What’s new about this Message Board is that now it’s an even better place to network with industry peers. You can fill out a personal profile with as much information as you want, and others will do the same. Clicking on the name next to the posting provides direct-contact information.

The new Walls & Ceilings Message Board is easy to find. Just click the big yellow button that reads Bulletin Board on the home page of Walls & Ceilings’ site, www.wconline.com.

John Wyatt, the magazine’s associate editor, mans the site daily. Every so often, he’ll spur conversation with a poignant question related to the industry. He’ll also weed out those postings that advertise personal services and products, as well as those that are off-color or inappropriate. John’s a nice guy, and we don’t want him to have to give anyone a virtual roughing-up.

Remember, communication is key to building a strong industry. I’ll see you at the site!