Greetings, Walls & Ceilings readers! As it is July at long last and hopefully, there is as much work as everyone can handle, it's a good time to consider some of that work as a possible entry into the Walls & Ceilings Excellence in Design Awards competition.

An article in the December 2004 issue featured projects from the winners of the 2004 competition. One thing I want to make sure is clear to the contractors out there: Don't let the scope of your project prevent you from entering. In this contest, bigger is not necessarily better. Different is better, unique is better, mixed with an excellent dose of craftsmanship and professionalism.

If you're a smaller contractor and your projects tend to be smaller in scale but still require great skill, by all means consider entering one of your projects. Last year, Paul Smith was one of the winners for his work on a residential ceiling project. He did the work himself-not with an army of workers.

The EID Awards aren't about glamour. They're meant to celebrate the quality work of the W&C readership. Readers are inspired by fellow contractors' good work. Having your project featured in an article isn't bad for marketing purposes, either! (To enter, please see pages 140-141. Deadline is Sept. 1).

Because we love contests at W&C, let's not forget that 2005 is also our fifth annual Dry T-shirt Contest. For more on this competition, here are a few words from Managing Editor John Wyatt.


It's those dog day afternoons in the summer, where each year Kevin Bush and this magazine's managing editor will kick, scream, beg and plead for you shy contractors out there to submit an entry to the Annual Dry T-shirt Contest. Let your vanity shine and send the dang thing in! In the past four years, we have seen the gamut from standard company logos, to brand names printed on golf shirts, to flat out bizarre designs and poses. All of these are welcome and even encouraged.

So, send in the T-shirt or a picture of the T-shirt (with or without a model). Your chances for being selected as a finalist are far greater than having the lotto numbers tonight's news will announce. Your incentive this year is a custom W&C-manufactured shirt, designed and approved by the original Drywall Dog, Kevin Bush (who got licked this month ‘cause his column said too much about a company's fasteners). Your prize will be sent out after the winners have been announced and featured in the September issue.


And there you have it, readers. Not one but two chances at glory this year. Who says W&C doesn't recognize the brilliance, talent and creativity of the construction industry? Now, if a contractor out there dares to send in an EID entry submission photo while wearing a company T-shirt intended for the Dry T-shirt Contest, we'll really know we're among overachievers. Good luck!