Walls & Ceilings visited the grand opening of Armstrong World Industries' new ceiling suspension system manufacturing plant in Aberdeen, Md., May 25. The event had a commemorative ceremony with company staff, with representatives from Worthington Armstrong Venture, as well as Aberdeen's Mayor Douglas Wilson.

The 300,000 square foot facility is capable of producing approximately 8,000 miles of the company's ceiling grid per month. In addition, the plant can produce more than 600 items, including all the roll-formed products in the company's grid line. This includes the family line of Prelude suspension systems, as well as the Interlude, Silhouette, Suprafine, Concealed Z, Drywall Grid and ShortSpan Drywall Grid systems.

The work force has more than 200 employees and manufactures ceiling suspension systems for distribution in North America. In addition, a number of specialty products are produced for shipment to Europe and the Pacific Rim.

"The new Aberdeen facility will provide the production capacity required to meet the continually growing demands of customers not only in North America but Europe and Asia, as well," said President and CEO of WAVE John Lamprinakos.