Trim-Tex held its first Design & Training Center on October 6-7, in Lincolnwood, Ill. The class was taught by Noe Perez, Enrique Perez and Myron Ferguson. 

Held at the company’s HQ, this state-of-the-art facility showcases the possibilities of the company’s product line and also provides hands-on training for contractors. The training is geared towards not only contractors but also designers, architects and others in the building community.

“The design center is for whomever,” Joe Koenig, president of Trim-Tex, told W&C earlier this year. “You can create just whatever you want.”

In the DTC, there are multiple stations (“vignettes” as Koenig refers to them) that display the different stages of production on the job with each station featuring approximately four to five of the company’s products. The instructors displayed several different methods the several drywall contractors that came to this first session.

The first day of class was lead with instructional teaching that moved into hands-on work in the vignettes. The second day elaborated more into working in the stations.

“We are offering courses to all,” said Karyn Newman, executive assistant at Trim-Tex. “We have already had numerous attendees for the Design Center tour which have included contractors, distributors, builders, architects and engineers.

“We are looking forward to offering more classes and possibly an additional day of hands-on training,” she said. “Our attendees are looking forward to return to learn more creative drywall art ideas and hands-on installation instruction. We will continue to educate and train those on the many benefits of vinyl cornerbead installation.  

Josh Schatz, owner of S&S Drywall in Minot, N.D., attended so he could learn more about the design capabilities of working with the company’s line. According to Schatz, he really wanted to further his knowledge and skills working with new products.

“We knew about how the company’s products worked but wanted a greater skill and understand,” Schatz said when asked why he attended. “I wish we could’ve stayed there two more days.”

Schatz’s bulk of work is in custom homes and he said knowing the possibilities of being creative with new products is a big advantage for contractors like himself. He plans to head back to the Design & Training Center with more of his staff for further training.