Announced at this year's International Home Builders' Show, Hilti has launched its Lifetime Service Program. This program offers service, benefits and access to the latest technological advancements throughout a tool's lifetime.

During the initial no cost period (up to two years, depending on model), the tools can be serviced with no additional cost to the end user. During the lifetime repair cost limit, which begins after the no cost period, the tool will have a maximum repair cost of no greater than 30 percent of the tool's list price. Once the tool is repaired, it receives an additional six months of no cost service. The lifetime manufacturer's warranty covers the tool against manufacturer defects for the life of the tool. This service includes the tool's transportation to and from a Hilti repair center, maintenance service, repair and replacement of all worn out or defective parts, functional testing and adjustment and safety check after any repair.

"Our customers have told us that they are dissatisfied with the way warranty and repair programs work today," said Cary Evert, president and CEO of Hilti North America. "Small print, confusing clauses, hidden costs, long repair lead times and cumbersome documentation requirements all contribute to their dissatisfaction. Hilti Lifetime Service is a simple, convenient, no nonsense approach developed to maximize a contractor's productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership for the life of the tool. In the end we want to be partners with our customers."