The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association sends a reminder that it provides free educational resources on fiberglass and mineral wool insulation for workers through its Health and Safety Partnership Program, a voluntary program designed in cooperation with OSHA to assure greater worker protection. The free resources include a safe work practices video and practical, informative literature.

NAIMA's "Play It Smart, Play It Safe" video is designed to increase worker comfort and as a result, reduce worker compensation claims. It is aimed at workers who handle fiberglass and rock and slag wool insulation products.

The HSPP established voluntary permissible exposure limits for synthetic vitreous fibers products. The program encourages workers to follow OSHA's regulations, where applicable, on using respiratory protection. Information from the HSPP extensive exposure database offers guidance on when respiratory protection may be needed.

As part of its larger product stewardship efforts, NAIMA also conducts studies with leading research institutes on its member's products to ensure worker safety, fire safety and overall product performance. Fiberglass and mineral wool insulations are among the most thoroughly tested products on the market, thanks in part to NAIMA's efforts.

The HSPP overview can be accessed Information is free and can be ordered or downloaded at the site.