Sto Corp., manufacturer of cladding, coating, and restoration systems, has introduced StoQuik Silver Systems, which offers the strength of cement board and the protection of stucco without the numerous installation stages of traditional stucco systems.

There are three choices in the system: StoQuik Silver System I, for weather protected walls and ceilings; StoQuik Silver NexT, for all weather exposures; and StoQuik Silver NExT-Ventilated, for all weather exposures. This system includes a drainage cavity.

The StoQuik Silver products are designed to give a stucco look in a fast, cost-effective application. The line uses moisture and abuse resistant cement board and Sto’s reinforced base coats. They combine the strength and durability of PermaBase Brand Cement Board by National Gypsum or other ASTM C1325 cement board with the proven performance of Sto’s base coats and textured finishes.

They also meet structural racking and fire code requirements when applied over the appropriate sheathings: Exterior or Exposure1 plywood, Exposure1 OSB, Dens-Glass Gold or water resistant core gypsum sheathing (ASTM C1396).