A recently released report shows that Convia Programmable Infrastructure, a next-generation electrical and data system recently introduced at Greenbuild 2006 in Denver, offers significant energy savings. Conducted by The Weidt Group, an independent engineering consultant for high-performance buildings, the study concluded that a standard office building using Convia Programmable Infrastructure would gain 6 to 30 percent in annual energy savings as compared to the ASHRAE standard 90.1-2004, the current energy benchmark for buildings.

Furthermore, Convia’s flexibility offers the potential to recapture energy savings of 20 to 60 percent that are otherwise lost when implemented with traditional electric systems. A copy of the energy report can be downloaded fromwww.hmconvia.com.

“With energy costs rising and the increasing emphasis on protecting our environment, building owners, architects and designers alike are looking for ways to save both money and natural resources,” said Convia President Randy Storch. “Convia programmable infrastructure offers one simple solution to address both of these challenges.”

Convia programmable infrastructure is a modular electrical infrastructure that delivers “plug-and-play” power virtually anywhere within a commercial space without requiring hardwiring of devices or switches. Eliminating the constraints of traditional electrical systems, this next-generation infrastructure invites architects, interior designers, electrical contractors, building owners and tenants to “go reconfigure” and create flexible, sustainable environments that can be easily – and instantly – modified or upgraded. Using infrared technology via a secure, remote control “wand,” Convia offers programmable electricity and allows all users to install, upgrade or relocate any electrical device (e.g. lighting fixtures, security cameras, electronic displays, thermostats, speakers, etc.), switch or sensor in moments.