BNP Media has announced the creation of Clear Seas Research, a separate entity designed to deliver superior business-to-business market research. Clear Seas Research competes in multiple b2b industries, and distinguishes itself from other research companies with its captive audience, industry expertise and clear insight providing strong research results. Dynamic custom and syndicated research, intended for the same companies that compete in BNP Media’s industries, Clear Seas Research’s products help customers succeed in business and improve their financial results.

“Today, BNP Media takes the next step in providing information that helps businesses succeed, Clear Seas Research forms a more solid foundation for us to provide our customers with superior solutions and insight” said Mitch Henderson, Co-CEO of BNP Media. “Our extensive experience and knowledge in our industries together with our highly sought after circulation files make us a natural fit for advanced market research capabilities.”

Spearheading new concepts of online research, Clear Seas Research has launched sophisticated and authoritative online panels in four of the industries it serves: plumbing; adhesives, coatings and finishes; safety; and flooring. Clear Seas Research’s state-of-the-art panels embody a valuable advisory board of industry professionals and enable a truly representative sample of targeted respondents. Lifelike 3D virtual product tests, understanding purchase intent, ad concept testing and customer satisfaction research studies are all possible, faster and more cost effective with Clear Seas Research’s investment in online panel technology.

Emphasizing practical and useful information, Clear Seas Research focuses on syndicated, omnibus and custom products delivered in succinct and actionable formats. Clear Seas Research currently serves industries such as Architecture and Construction, Mechanical Systems, Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery and Safety, Security and Food. For more information,