Dryvit Systems, Inc., a leading EIFS manufacturer, has approved the AquaFlash System and/or Backstop NT Texture product for use with Grid Tape in opening preparations over treated lumber. Previously, Dryvit recommended the opening preparation be accomplished using only Dryvit Flashing Tape or another sheet-type flashing material when used over treated lumber.

“This is great news for contractors, distributors and applicators,” said Roland Serino, system engineering manager for Dryvit Systems Inc. ”It will simplify both the required preparation of the openings and sequencing in these applications,” he said.

Many commercial and residential construction projects use preservative- or fire-treated lumber for framing rough openings, especially in concrete, CMU, and ICF construction. After completing a formal testing protocol at an independent lab, Dryvit determined that the AquaFlash System, a liquid-applied flashing material and mesh for sealing rough openings, as well as the Backstop NT-Texture product, a high-performance, noncementitious, water-resistive membrane and air barrier, can successfully be applied in cases where the opening preparation needs to extend onto treated lumber framing. This simplifies the preparation of the openings, and also makes sequencing less critical, as AquaFlash and Backstop NT can be applied, either before or after application of the water-resistive barrier on the wall face.

The AquaFlash System and Backstop NT Texture have been tested in accordance with ICC ES AC148 “Acceptance Criteria for Flashing Materials” and meet all requirements including accelerated aging, water resistance, nail sealability, as well as adhesion.