The new line of wood ceiling tiles called Bioline is environmentally friendly, made from renewable, recycled material. The tiles are available in solid-finish (with or without a perforated pattern) and in organic-texture. The solid-finish tiles are available in cherry, beech and maple real wood veneers and composed of 70-percent recycled, post-industrial material. They are Class 1 fire-rated and offered in a variety of perforations and custom cutouts. The organic-texture tiles are available in light, medium, dark and custom wood shades and composed of 80-percent recycled, post-industrial material (by weight). All Bioline tiles fit conventional grid systems and feature urea-formaldehyde-free core; certified green, UV-cured, waterborne-finish with UV blockers for color stability; excellent impact resistance; and rigid, durable material that tolerates a broad range of job site environmental conditions.