TechZone Ceiling System is a ceiling system that organizes lighting fixtures, air diffusers and sprinkler heads in a linear 6-inch-wide technical "zone" to create a cleaner, more monolithic ceiling visual. The totally integrated acoustical ceiling system uses only standard components, while still delivering the desired quantity and quality of light and air into the space. The new linear technical "zone" is pre-qualified for fit and finish, and visually coordinates with the look of large-scale fine-textured ceiling panels. The system eliminates the need for penetrations in the ceiling panels, making them more aesthetically pleasing, as well as easier to install. Maintenance hassles and potential panel damage are also limited since all technical services are housed in the "zone." In addition, all ceiling panels, 6-inch wide technical panels, light fixtures, diffusers and sprinklers are available in lay-in and tegular versions to ensure that all components align precisely for a uniform visual.