United States Gypsum (USG) is introducing a wide variety of plank sizes to the company’s catalog of ceiling products in an effort to help architects and designers continue to develop unique styles and designs for commercial projects.

Traditionally, plank ceiling sizes have been available from USG only as a custom order. In recent years, architects and designers have created more monolithic ceilings, decreasing the amount of grid necessary for installation. Similarly, demand has grown for new panels with dimensions that differ from the traditional 2- by 2-foot and 2- by 4-foot sizes.

USG is now offering planks in a multitude of sizes ranging from sleek 1- by 4-foot, 1- by 5-foot, 2- by 6-foot and 2- by 8-foot dimensions to wider 20- by 60-inch and 30- by 60-inch panels.

The planks are available in selected USG metal and acoustical ceiling product lines. For additional information visit the USG Web site atwww.usg.com.