PPG Industries is inviting architects and glazing contractors to participate in the “Duranar Coatings Hall of Architecture Contest” as part of its 40th anniversary celebration of Duranar coatings.

“Duranar coatings by PPG have been protecting buildings around the world and making them beautiful for more than 40 years,” according to Henry Lowman, global marketing manager, PPG Industrial Coatings. During that time, he said, some remarkable stories about the coatings’ endurance and sustainability have emerged.

There are two separate contestant categories; one for architects, and one for glazing contractors. Entries will be collected through November on the Duranar coatings Web site, www.ppgduranar.com, and must include an explanation of why Duranar coatings were chosen, what challenges they helped meet, what problems they helped prevent and how the story is unique. All entrants will receive a gift from PPG commemorating the 40th anniversary.

At the conclusion of the contest, PPG judges will determine five finalists in each category, and in December, a winner will be named for each category.