Sto Corp. has produced StoTherm Storm Systems, a high-impact EIFS cladding designed for coastal areas vulnerable to damage from hurricane-strength winds.

More than 25 hurricanes have struck coastal regions of the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992 with a dozen hitting populated areas in 2004 and 2005 alone. Associated damages were over $42 billion in 2004 and a staggering $128 billion for 2005’s storms.

“These systems protect the building envelope from some of the most severe weather in North America. They offer the highest level of protection (ASTM Level-E for essential facilities) against damage from wind and windborne debris, two of the major components of building envelope failure during a hurricane,” said Sto spokesman Mike Sweeney.

“As with any wall assembly, proper design and construction, including the proper use of flashing to direct water away from the wall, not into the wall, is essential for long term durability,” stated Mike O’Neil, Sto product manager.