Evaluation service report available from TSN

The Steel Network announces the release of the first ICC-Evaluation Service Report specifically for light steel framing vertical deflection clips, ICC-ESR-1903. The VertiClip series (the SLD, SL, SLB, SLS and SLT) "attaches non-axial-load bearing wall studs to the structure and are designed to transfer horizontal loads acting perpendicular to the stud and to accommodate vertical movement between wall elements and the primary structure," as read in the company's press release.

VertiClips ability to isolate non-axial-load bearing studs from vertical structural movement allows it to deliver an easily verifiable load transfer path from the stud web to the next element in the structure through a positive mechanical attachment.

The report is available for download at www.steelnetwork.com and www.icc-es.org.