Parksite, Inc., a national building products distributor based in Batavia, Ill., has announced a new company structure that became effective on Jan. 1.

The company was previously known as the Parksite Group, and marketed branded and specialty building products through three business units: Parksite Plunkett-Webster (building materials), Parksite Surfaces (surfacing materials), and Parksite Builder Solutions (appliances).

Today the company has one name, Parksite, and one logo. It has also returned to managing warehouse and delivery functions in-house, transitioning from the outsourcing model used in recent years. Parksite has 16 locations and over 500 employee-owners.

“Our structure will follow our strategy,” said Parksite President Ron Heitzman. He said the specialist network will be managed nationally and organized by type instead of geographically, and the sales teams will be organized by customer type.