The New York City Department of Buildings has accepted Marino\WARE’s new drywall-framing ViperStud wall assembly designs as meeting required fire resistance ratings and has certified that it is rated for 1- and 2-hour fire walls per ASTM E-119, the company announced in April.

The department’s Materials and Acceptance Division approval is required to ensure that certain permanent building materials and equipment meet the minimum national standards required by code.

Marino\WARE CEO Chip Gardner said the ViperStud Drywall Framing System is listed with the nationally recognized Intertek/Warnock-Hersey mark. Intertek/Warnock Hersey is accepted worldwide as a leading provider of safety and testing solutions under OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program.

Marino\WARE, a division of Ware Industries, is based in Plainfield, N.J.