Apla-Tech Inc. has announced that BASF Wall Systems (manufacturers of Senergy, Finestone, Acrocrete and Sonowall brand EIFS products) has evaluated its pumps and spray equipment for use with certain fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier products that had previously been either roller- or brush-applied. The Apla-Pump system, with a 50-foot texture hose, pistol gun and compressed air-powered pump, offers the potential for significant labor savings to applicators.

“With the Apla-Pump system, we believe that applicators can dramatically improve application efficiency on large projects,” said Richard Martens, BASF’s Commercial Sector Marketing Manager. More field-testing is planned to refine application recommendations and develop supporting literature. 

This announcement is interesting for Apla-Tech, as it works to extend beyond its traditional drywall base and reach a new audience in EIFS subcontractors. 

“We flew down to BASF [in Jacksonville, Fla.], and found that they were very pleased with our products. BASF Wall Systems has over 200 distributors, so this is an excellent opportunity for us,” Apla-Tech’s Sales Manager Shannon Denkins told W&C.